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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The Arc's management is a.................

Total SUCKS.

Ayah once said to me, 'Iqa mesti sukakan duduk sini?'


Its just that I don't want to complain to him. I don't want to burden him, since he's the one who pay for the rent and whatnot.

I'm not that type yang suka nak complain je memanjang. But today, I lost my patience. I argued with the manager regarding all the issues which I've been kept for literally 1 year. I hate everything here. I hate the management and the building itself. Hahahha..

Manager tu mesti ingat aku rude kan. Hahahahah kau ingat aku ni jenis diam dan redho je ke? Naahhhhhhh.. Bukanlah aku ni jenis manja, nak semua okay dan sempurna. Masa duduk previous place dulu pun, walaupun orang duk complain, for me everything was fine there. Until Ayah asked me to moved in to this horrible condo ever.

I am desperate to rent another house. THE ARC IS DISASTER and A TOTAL ARS-HOL.

The manager dengan bangganya berkata, Oh, if your dad wants the access card, then he has to pay for the parking which is RM 80 per month. Bullshit lah kau nyonya. Semua nak bayar. Dan banyak lagi isu yang aku malas nak elaborate.

I really hope that ayah will read this entry. Please. I need to move out from this place. The only one reason to make me feel a bit okay is, I've no other place to survive. Hahahha...

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