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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Post IPR Exam and Future Career

Hi, I'm done with my exam yesterday. It was tough. Not easy. But if you prepare for the paper one week earlier AT LEAST, you can score well, Insya-Allah..

I made notes one day before exam, and it miraculously helped a lot. Hahahaa.. Look at my messy handwriting. 

  • I focuses on few topics only. Luckily the lecturer was very kind, hahhaha thank you Mr Azmi for kantoikan the topics for the exam. Its just that the notes are incomplete and I even used google for more infos and knowledge. I dont want to blame the teacher, coz in the university, theres no such thing as makan suap anymore. Makan suap as in spoon feeding lah! Bukan rasuah! I think the lecturers in LKW are spoonfed us enough. But there are certain lecturers who prefer to bagi umpan and then its up to students. Hahahahha taktahu nak explain dalam English lah gila. Thus, Tak payah nak complain. Just come to class, listen to lectures. Few days before exam, jangan melagha, Tu je my tips. Especially in my course of study, you have to be SUPER GOOD in general knowledge. Lecturers' notes wont help much. Trust me.

  • I am so happy, I might already found a nice house to move. BY JANUARY ASAP. Please Ya Allah, please ease everything for us. Amiinnn...

  • I'm still thinking of where to work??!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my friend got a job in FashionValet as Products Executive. OMG OMG OMG. She is working with Vivy Yusof!!!!!!!! As a products exec some more! Maigod. She's not a fan of duckscarves tho, but when she saw the warehouse just for duckscarves, shes literally felt like wanna roll on the floor. Hahahha feel yea girl. I am so happy for her. :')

  • I did a job test which I found the link in FB. Its almost as boring as the IQ test that I did with ASTRO previously. Its more to what career or employer suits me best. 

And, they or it emailed the result to me.

Corporate enough ey? 

Wish me luck tho. Allahumma Yassir Wala Tu'assir.. :D


Aleah N said...

Goodluck afkah!! love you :)

Afeeqa Hazwany said...

mekaceh cayanggg!!! :D goodluck to you to tau!!