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Thursday, November 12, 2015

I am graduating...

Ayah just got back from Tokyo and he bought me things. Things like whut? Hahhaha.. He bought me a shawl and a perfume. The shawl is soooo beautiful! SOo unique and elegant! I love it. Same goes to the perfume. Dia tak cakap awal-awal dia nak belikan perfume, kalau tak, bolehla I suggest yang mahal2 sikit... Hahahaha! He bought me Chanel perfume. Chanel perfume semua bau best2. I love it too ayah. Thanks so much :) hehe..

He whatsapped me while he's still in Japan, I bought you and Rah shoul. Macam tu ke eja shoul? I dont know.

I literally rolled on the floor, laughing my ass off.

He is so cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... You know what, aku ni sebenarnya anak yang paling degil dan paling selalu bergaduh dengan ayahku. Dulu,when I was a teenager (sekarang pon teenager lah, dulu tu, read as YOUNG TEEN), aku selalu bergaduh dengan ibuku. It was bad.. Really bad.. I wasnt a good person pun. And I'm still am.

Cuma bila dah besar sikit ni, aku lebih banyak berselisih pendapat dengan ayahku and I am more close with my mom. Dah lama tak gaduh dengan ibu. I think the last one was 2 years back? 3 years? Idk.

Aku punya degil ni. Kau akan rasa macam nak tuang minyak panas menggelegak je atas kepala, bagi lembik sikit keras kepalaku ini. Pleaselah, aku penatlah jadi degil. It makes me feel bad.. I hate being negative. *sigh*

OK! Hahahaha.. Back to fun2 stories. I told ayah yesterday that Rah wanted to buy tudung. (I am such a bad sister, its me who wanted to buy tudung at first place, HAHAHAH), and ayah replied, Kan dah banyak tudung? Lagipon ayah baru beli tudung dari Jepun.

He didnt get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha GIRLS... 100k tudungs pun will never be enoughhhhhhhhhhhh. You buy one tudung for us, it will literally makes us to buy more tudung. I dont know how it works! But thats how our life works. Hahahahah!

Ala, I nak tudung for my graduation ajerr... Bukan la hari-hari beli tudung pun.. Sobs! And my favourite tudung brand will always be Duckscarves and Ariani. I love the exclusivity. Especially if you're planning to wear it to a special event, like your graduation day! :D

What about attire? Not sure. I am planning to buy a dress or a kurung, a very nice kurung! Songket would be perfect. But if I were not lucky to find any, I will just recycle my baju raya. Tak kisah pun, since we will wear the graduation robe for the whole day pun kaannnnnnnn. Thats why it is super duper crucial for me to buy a pair of NICE, SEXY HEELS! Tapi kaki cerewet. Diri sendiri pun cerewet. Tell me, where to find a sexy, comfortable, affordable price heels in this universe?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh hard*

Dont make me start about......MAKEUPS! Haihhhhhhhhhhh I dont even know how to makeup perfectly, nicely, that will make me look exactly like a primadona... Haha! Noob.. I am still learning tho. It has been years that I bought foundation for myself. I think  5 years? I have been using only BB cream or CCDD cream all this while.

I've subscribed tonnes of makeup tutorials in YouTube and I tried on me and my sister. Its horrible. I turned Rah's eyebrows to Sin Chan's eyebrows. I am not exaggerating. Not only her brows but her face literally turned to Sin Chan! HAhahahahaha I was laughing crazily, and she was mad!!! Hahahahahahha was fun laughing at her.

We are planning our makeup haul tonight. Hopefully taklah haul sangat. Taknaklah bazir banyak2. I promise that I will buy yang penting-penting ajer... Hehe...

I was sooo slim and slender back then (6 years back to be exact). Why on earth did I gain 20 kgs?!!!! WHAT DID I EAT?!!

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