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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Graduation Party and Exam

Thank God we only have one paper for this semester. Oh bytheway, we enjoyed the graduation party last nite so very much! Hahahahahha even we've not submitted the thesis yet! :p

At first we (TNF)  were so poyo, we tried to encourage each other to finish the thesis early so that we can enjoy the party. End up, krik...krik... Hahahhah!

Some of us (our classmates) did submit the thesis last week, anddddddddd we knew that So, we are CURIOUS... We were asking them last 2 weeks about their thesis and their answer were, NOPE, we havent started anything....

Nadiah was being extra curious and assumed that they might hire someone professional to do their thesis. You know, everything is possible in LKW. Bahahahah! I totally agreed with Nadiah. Jahat kan? Tak jahat la. Noty jerr..

I supposed to study kay. I have paper this Monday, and its not easy tho. The subject is International PR. Its definitely in essay format and made me cringe. Previously I thought that I'm not the type yang boleh goreng time exam. You know, the type who can write everything in the answer paper.. I thought I'm not like that. Once I cant answer, then I will leave it blank. Bodo punya budak. Later, through out uni years, I learn to WRITE or hentam during exam. Sometimes, lecturers want to see the effort. Plus, I rarely ponteng class kot, eventhough I daydream most of the time in class (hahaha), sedikit sebanyak ilmu tu masuk jugakla kan dalam kepala otak. Orang kata, berkat air liur cikgu.. Haha

Thus, hopefully I can write well for my exam. Mr Azmi said that we must answer at least 2 and a half page for one question.. I almost passed out when I heard him saying that.

Our study here, I think most of comm student is more to practical rather than theories. So we have a lot of assignmentssssssssssssssssss compare to tests or exams. It has been a while since my last time sitting for exam. And I am totally not ready for that.

Oklah bye

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