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Monday, September 28, 2015

Final sem in LKW

I've been through thick and thin, ups and downs in my 3 years of studying in LKW Uni.

Its September now and I am struggling to finish the assignments and of course, my dissertation. I had  really hard times to choose the topic tho. End up, the topic still sounds shitty but please God, please ease everything for me, Rabbi Yassir Wala Tuassir. :/

Public Relations course sounds so damn easy. But for Apikah, everything is so difficult since she thinks everything is difficult.

Down there got pictures during our pre graduation photoshoot. Pre graduation eh? My mind was already graduated, but my body is still here, struggling to finish International PR 2000 words essay. Somebody please help me, bring me to the right path.

Dont mind fatty me in the picture. I am 80 kgs. But who cares? I still look pretty whaaatt.. Apart from struggling with assignments and dissertation, I am also struggling to lose 20kgs. HAHA. I want to look prettier lah. I am pretty now, but I want to look and feel prettier. Lol. I'm just being 150% honest. Takyah tipu lah, ko nak kurus ke nak putih ke sebab ko nak nampak cantik kan? Ko nak RASA cantik kan? So do I. I love myself now, but I want to love myself more. :)

Rakan seperjuangan, masing-masing mata separa tidur.