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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh Dear, I Need a Vacayyy

Oh my goodness! One month to go for the semester break! I really really really need to go somewhere! Mimpi pergi Paris dah juta-juta kali. Eiffel Tower looks soooo real in my mimpi! Haih, Dear ayah, please please please bring us somewhere! Out of this place... I wanna go to Japan also! Tak kisahla how cold or how hot the weather is! I am just sooooo in the mood to feeeeeeelll and to experience something different. Thats all. I was planned, when I am done with the Global Classroom in London, instead of straight away fly to Malaysia, lemme take my first selfie first in front of eiffel tower! Dah, tu je saya nak! Dapat 2 hari dekat Paris pun cukup. I just wanna taste their great coffees and eat churros and other desserts without hesitation!

You should know HOW they make their coffee there. Arghhhhhhh.. Sejuk-sejuk, take a sip of great coffee! How perfect huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

And the Churros!!

Kalau kat Japan pulak, just nak discover new things! How hi tech and neat they are!! Tak kisah sangat pasal makan coz I am sushi's number 1 fan. I would like to visit Japan's countryside and snap beautiful pictures :*

Okay thats all. Saja je nak luahkan perasaan. Hehe byebye. Xx

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