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Saturday, May 10, 2014

OCD - A disease?

Assalamualaikum. Hello, Hi, Bueno!

Before I get started with my fiction writing assignment, let me write something not fiction here, in my own blog! :p

Its going to be fun. I guees so. Bhahaha.

Tahu tak OCD tu apa?

I'm not going to explain but I truly really hoping that you guys knew about it.

I am having OCD. :/

Mula sedar sejak memasuki usia 19 tahun. Rasanya lah. I did some research on myself. Luckily, its a MILD OCD. Taklah teruk tapi memang ada. Tapi, kalau yang betul-betul mengenali diri ini, the OCD makes me a weird person actually. Makes us (OCD people) untuk TIDAK menjadi TIDAK KISAH. I know you have to read the previous sentence again. There are LOTS of OCD symptoms but I will explain mine.

1. So freaking allergic to germs!
2. So freaking allergic to see hairs on the floor!! Even its a baby hair.
3. So freaking allergic to dust!
4. My hangers in my wardrobe HAVE TO BE THE SAME.
5. I dont campur my baju. I have few sections. Baju kurung, pants, casual shirts, scarfs, inner wears SHOULD keep separately.
6. I hate my toilet to be wet.
7. I rarely hilang barang coz I put all my things appropriately.
8. I will not buy things that I dont really need it. I HATE KEEP THINGS THAT I RARELY USE. Menyemak.
9. I love to see the surrounding to be clean. I will keep everything inside the cabinets or containers.
10. Everything have to be in order. TERSUSUN. Towel gantung senget juga boleh mengundang kesukaran tidur.
11. I wash my hands thousand times a day. Tapi ada orang tak faham why I have to live in a room with a toilet inside.
12. I prefer to keep my sampah dalam handbag BUKAN campak luar rumah atau tingkap kereta. You are totally have a buffalo brain in your head!

Dan banyak lagi. Kadang-kadang orang tak faham. Kita ada barang peribadi yang kita mungkin taknak share dengan orang. Contohnya, sikat rambut, compact powder, botol air dan earphone. Tapi ada juga orang yang tak faham bahasa. Bukanlah berkaitan OCD semata, tapi common sense. Blergh!

OCD is not something to be proud of. Hhhmmm... Kalau kritikal, kena jumpa pakar psikologi! Oh goodnesssssssss. I am trying so hard sometimes to get rid of my ocd. To be cool and relax. Sebab tu kadang-kadang, lebih baik tak buat kerja langsung daripada menanggung keperitan persekitaran yang blerrgjhhhhh. If you want me to do it, you gonna get crazy. Coz I'm a healthy fussy liddat.:p

However... I would LOVVEEEE to have a 'clean' kitchen like this. Not to big, not to small but easy to kemas. :D

You dont have any idea how insane it would be if you see me do cleaning in the kitchen!!

Off-white is nice.

But Ivory is perfect! :D

Dapur yang kemas bukanlah menandakan anda seorang yang pemalas nak masak. Dapur yang berlemuih barulah menandakan anda sebenarnya pemalas nak kemas! LOL

If I own a house one day, InsyaaAllah, I wont have a specific theme for it. Just CLEAN and NEAT. English style is no-no for me. I dont really like flowers. Ada serabut sikit. Hehe sorry penggemar bunga.

So... for the living room!

Just as simple as this.
 But if its white or ivory or cream or peach, it would be nicer! Kejap eh I carik!!

Ppffftttttt I didnt find any. My taste is weird. Haha but as long as its neat I would be more than happy ;) And dont forget about the lighting! I prefer light color furnitures but I want only all dim light in my house okay! Except for the study room and kitchen. :D

This is still in the OCD entry, right? Are we still in the right path? Bahahaha Okayla. I have to go.
Tattatatata! Au revoir peeepo!

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