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Friday, March 14, 2014

Has been 4 months...

.....I dont write! Tehee

So yeah Asslamualaykum!

I have 3 essays to write since this semester I have to play A LOT with words! I mean 3 essays for now. Thus, I can say this entry will be my warm up session before I REALLY START writing on my essays. Hihi.

This semester is fun coz I think its better to play with words rather than sketch, design and play with photoshop thingy. I got A bytheway in Digital Imaging last semester! Weeheee... Tak sia-sia susah payah terkial-kial guna photoshop and kena marah banyak kali dengan Mr. Mat. Tsk. Tapi dapat A! Yayyyyyyyyy... I thought wanna attach my poster in this entry which I designed with photoshop but I am currently not using that laptop where I kept all my designs there. Baru nak bangga. :p

So. This semester I have Public Relations (Communication) and Public Relations (Writing). Masya-Allah, I LOVE those subjects and the lecturers too! Honestly, I am not so good in communication, hehe. Ada malu sikit sebenarnya. Or I can saya, malu banyak! But I am trying so hard to break the wall and DO IT!!! :D

In university life, for me its such a waste if you want to debate about everything just because you dont want people to underestimate you! Come on. Universities are the place that we should have fun and enjoy every moment. At the end, siapa yang dapat first class degree, dia la pemenangnya! Tak payah nak pening kepala small issues pun nak berdebat. Life is simple je la. Most of the time I will just be queit and do best for my part. Siapa nak menang tu ambik la.

About #mh370 issue. Come on people.. You are not even a journalist! Even a journalist can give false statements to people! I wonder where is the gatekeeper? Or gatekeeper no more a gatekeeper anymore. WHY? Because of the social media. We are comm student. We MUST know we cannot trust 100% on social media. We also have to limit ourselves updating, sharing or liking on social media (FB). Just because we SEE everybody is sharing and keep bluffing about the shaman issue and we assume 'somebody' yang panggil bomoh tu datang KLIA. Obviously theres 'assume' over there. Just an ASSUMPTION kan? And this sentence coming...... 'Why not they call the ulamak?' Sheeeeshhhhhhhhhhh...

Of course ulamak already done their job. Just because theres no picture of ulamak praying at the airport etc and you assume; pihak 'tu' tak panggil ulamak.

Please. STOP BLAMING AND ASSUMING. Ask yourself. Did you ACTUALLY pray for MH370? There are hashtags pray for mh370 everywhere but DID YOU??????

While I was waiting for my bus pun there are groups of pakcik taxi discussing about the mh370. Amboi media tak bertauliah ni.....getus hatiku.

I am so sick with this society. Why cant you just calm down and do your job. Buat apa yang disuruh tinggal apa yang dilarang? Sibuk sangat pasal orang. Haiihhhhh

The irony part is when someone who once said, I am not a judgemental person but keep judge everything around him. LOL.

Guess I have enough warming up session for now. Hihi.

See ya. Pray for mh370 and pray for Afeeqa Hazwani will get dean list this semester. 4 flat? Ameeen.. InsyaaAllah. Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir. Wassalaam.. :)