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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ohh dear pretty eyes,

I'm soooooo rabun...

I do have a spec.
BUT i hate it! hate it! hate it!
I look ugly when i wore it.
Like so so matured.
Like a lady working in a biology lab. (tibe-tibe je)
Its so pressure when i cant see anything on the white board!
Normally i just asked Shiro to copy the notes first then i'll copy it later.
But Shiro's so LEMbap in copying notes. Ghaha. She's a day dreaming girl.
Chill girl, i know you're cute sometimes.

I've asked ayah to buy me lens. He said, he'll think about it.
BUT to me, lens are quite Leceh coz maybe sleep is one of my hobbies.

Even when the recess time at school, i dont even go to the canteen or what, but i just sat alone in the class and sleep there. Ahh, so peaceful. Btw, i'm not that lazy. There's a reason why i'm sleeping when recess time come over.
Daripada i tidur masa cikgu tengah mengajar kan?kan?

I'll bring my spec tomorrow.
I dont care how ugly i look!
BUT i prefer CAN SEE than CANT SEE.