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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing. Just a few says

Abang Harris just came back from Manila.
Yesterday, I asked him about his job since I think I'm a bit interested on it.
He told me a little bit about his job.
To me, it looks interesting with great salary.
I told him that I wish I've a chance to be like him.
One of a flight crew. Hoyeahhh.

BUT he said: No dik, kalau boleh belajar, belajar.. Takpayah apply kerja macam ni. It's tiring.

Yelaahh. Then I said, 'Tengoklah dulu. I nak jadi pengacara Tv macam Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain. Boleh travel jugak. Heee.'

And he replied, 'My ex girlfriend is Tv3 newsreader. Azawate Zainol. She's married with someone early last year.'

Ohhh. Pity Abg Harris.

Bytheway, I do familiar with that Azawate but I can't even remember her face. Shiro & Rah said that she's pretty. I've tried to search her image by google but the result was quite disappointing me. Ceyy. I don't even know why I feel like so busybody that time. Haha.

Anyway, we both start to know each other since the flight from KLIA, to Sydney International Airport.
I met Abang Harris in front of the plane's toilet, and he start the borak-borak first. He love to laugh and ask this and that. Very the kepoh. I was thinking that,it will be the first and last time I met this kepoh steward. But luckily, I met him again the time we're heading back to KLIA. Huuu. But that time, we don't have time to borak-borak since I'm spending most of my time on the flight with sleeepiiinnggggg.


3.30 p.m-6.30p.m. today, I went to Jakel Trading with ibu and her friend, Cik Ifah. Searching for baju raya. Waaaaa I was like so so excited perhaps. And our theme this year is Baby Blue. Soft and such a cute colour isn't? Hehe

After that, we went to Ariani Scarf & Shawl Boutique.
I'm so stunning with the varicoloured of shawls.
I begged ibu to buy me one!
The blue one is so adorable!
Ibu didn't want to buy it at first because of the price, but I told her that I reallyy fall in love with the shawl.
Alhamdulillah, i got it at last. One for me & one for Rah. I choosed Rah's the retro polka dots rainbow colour one. So cuutteeeee :D

Thanks ibu. I promise I'll come back to Ariani.
Girls, SUMPAH, the shawls here are all SUPERB! :)

Hee Tata.
*I missed someone anyway.

p/s; Apa mimpi tah tiba-tiba guna English :P