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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Of Job and New Home

Hi, I'm finally back.

Busyla this few days running errands here and there. Balik Jb, hantar Fa sambung belajar and whatnot. Balik Cyber balik, went for an interview, tengok rumah etc etc.

Finally dah buat keputusan nak pindah kat mana, rumah apa. I mean, dah pilih nak rumah apa. Oh gosh, wheres my writing skill gone? Macam berterabur pulak ayat.

Oh, dah submit thesis bytheway. It feels damn gooooddd..

Ah tu jelah for now. I dont feel like writing. I'm hungry and its already 10.08 P.M. Whenla can I lose my 20kgs fat? I gained 3 kgs bytheway. Terrible....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Post IPR Exam and Future Career

Hi, I'm done with my exam yesterday. It was tough. Not easy. But if you prepare for the paper one week earlier AT LEAST, you can score well, Insya-Allah..

I made notes one day before exam, and it miraculously helped a lot. Hahahaa.. Look at my messy handwriting. 

  • I focuses on few topics only. Luckily the lecturer was very kind, hahhaha thank you Mr Azmi for kantoikan the topics for the exam. Its just that the notes are incomplete and I even used google for more infos and knowledge. I dont want to blame the teacher, coz in the university, theres no such thing as makan suap anymore. Makan suap as in spoon feeding lah! Bukan rasuah! I think the lecturers in LKW are spoonfed us enough. But there are certain lecturers who prefer to bagi umpan and then its up to students. Hahahahha taktahu nak explain dalam English lah gila. Thus, Tak payah nak complain. Just come to class, listen to lectures. Few days before exam, jangan melagha, Tu je my tips. Especially in my course of study, you have to be SUPER GOOD in general knowledge. Lecturers' notes wont help much. Trust me.

  • I am so happy, I might already found a nice house to move. BY JANUARY ASAP. Please Ya Allah, please ease everything for us. Amiinnn...

  • I'm still thinking of where to work??!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my friend got a job in FashionValet as Products Executive. OMG OMG OMG. She is working with Vivy Yusof!!!!!!!! As a products exec some more! Maigod. She's not a fan of duckscarves tho, but when she saw the warehouse just for duckscarves, shes literally felt like wanna roll on the floor. Hahahha feel yea girl. I am so happy for her. :')

  • I did a job test which I found the link in FB. Its almost as boring as the IQ test that I did with ASTRO previously. Its more to what career or employer suits me best. 

And, they or it emailed the result to me.

Corporate enough ey? 

Wish me luck tho. Allahumma Yassir Wala Tu'assir.. :D

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Graduation Party and Exam

Thank God we only have one paper for this semester. Oh bytheway, we enjoyed the graduation party last nite so very much! Hahahahahha even we've not submitted the thesis yet! :p

At first we (TNF)  were so poyo, we tried to encourage each other to finish the thesis early so that we can enjoy the party. End up, krik...krik... Hahahhah!

Some of us (our classmates) did submit the thesis last week, anddddddddd we knew that So, we are CURIOUS... We were asking them last 2 weeks about their thesis and their answer were, NOPE, we havent started anything....

Nadiah was being extra curious and assumed that they might hire someone professional to do their thesis. You know, everything is possible in LKW. Bahahahah! I totally agreed with Nadiah. Jahat kan? Tak jahat la. Noty jerr..

I supposed to study kay. I have paper this Monday, and its not easy tho. The subject is International PR. Its definitely in essay format and made me cringe. Previously I thought that I'm not the type yang boleh goreng time exam. You know, the type who can write everything in the answer paper.. I thought I'm not like that. Once I cant answer, then I will leave it blank. Bodo punya budak. Later, through out uni years, I learn to WRITE or hentam during exam. Sometimes, lecturers want to see the effort. Plus, I rarely ponteng class kot, eventhough I daydream most of the time in class (hahaha), sedikit sebanyak ilmu tu masuk jugakla kan dalam kepala otak. Orang kata, berkat air liur cikgu.. Haha

Thus, hopefully I can write well for my exam. Mr Azmi said that we must answer at least 2 and a half page for one question.. I almost passed out when I heard him saying that.

Our study here, I think most of comm student is more to practical rather than theories. So we have a lot of assignmentssssssssssssssssss compare to tests or exams. It has been a while since my last time sitting for exam. And I am totally not ready for that.

Oklah bye

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I am graduating...

Ayah just got back from Tokyo and he bought me things. Things like whut? Hahhaha.. He bought me a shawl and a perfume. The shawl is soooo beautiful! SOo unique and elegant! I love it. Same goes to the perfume. Dia tak cakap awal-awal dia nak belikan perfume, kalau tak, bolehla I suggest yang mahal2 sikit... Hahahaha! He bought me Chanel perfume. Chanel perfume semua bau best2. I love it too ayah. Thanks so much :) hehe..

He whatsapped me while he's still in Japan, I bought you and Rah shoul. Macam tu ke eja shoul? I dont know.

I literally rolled on the floor, laughing my ass off.

He is so cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... You know what, aku ni sebenarnya anak yang paling degil dan paling selalu bergaduh dengan ayahku. Dulu,when I was a teenager (sekarang pon teenager lah, dulu tu, read as YOUNG TEEN), aku selalu bergaduh dengan ibuku. It was bad.. Really bad.. I wasnt a good person pun. And I'm still am.

Cuma bila dah besar sikit ni, aku lebih banyak berselisih pendapat dengan ayahku and I am more close with my mom. Dah lama tak gaduh dengan ibu. I think the last one was 2 years back? 3 years? Idk.

Aku punya degil ni. Kau akan rasa macam nak tuang minyak panas menggelegak je atas kepala, bagi lembik sikit keras kepalaku ini. Pleaselah, aku penatlah jadi degil. It makes me feel bad.. I hate being negative. *sigh*

OK! Hahahaha.. Back to fun2 stories. I told ayah yesterday that Rah wanted to buy tudung. (I am such a bad sister, its me who wanted to buy tudung at first place, HAHAHAH), and ayah replied, Kan dah banyak tudung? Lagipon ayah baru beli tudung dari Jepun.

He didnt get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha GIRLS... 100k tudungs pun will never be enoughhhhhhhhhhhh. You buy one tudung for us, it will literally makes us to buy more tudung. I dont know how it works! But thats how our life works. Hahahahah!

Ala, I nak tudung for my graduation ajerr... Bukan la hari-hari beli tudung pun.. Sobs! And my favourite tudung brand will always be Duckscarves and Ariani. I love the exclusivity. Especially if you're planning to wear it to a special event, like your graduation day! :D

What about attire? Not sure. I am planning to buy a dress or a kurung, a very nice kurung! Songket would be perfect. But if I were not lucky to find any, I will just recycle my baju raya. Tak kisah pun, since we will wear the graduation robe for the whole day pun kaannnnnnnn. Thats why it is super duper crucial for me to buy a pair of NICE, SEXY HEELS! Tapi kaki cerewet. Diri sendiri pun cerewet. Tell me, where to find a sexy, comfortable, affordable price heels in this universe?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh hard*

Dont make me start about......MAKEUPS! Haihhhhhhhhhhh I dont even know how to makeup perfectly, nicely, that will make me look exactly like a primadona... Haha! Noob.. I am still learning tho. It has been years that I bought foundation for myself. I think  5 years? I have been using only BB cream or CCDD cream all this while.

I've subscribed tonnes of makeup tutorials in YouTube and I tried on me and my sister. Its horrible. I turned Rah's eyebrows to Sin Chan's eyebrows. I am not exaggerating. Not only her brows but her face literally turned to Sin Chan! HAhahahahaha I was laughing crazily, and she was mad!!! Hahahahahahha was fun laughing at her.

We are planning our makeup haul tonight. Hopefully taklah haul sangat. Taknaklah bazir banyak2. I promise that I will buy yang penting-penting ajer... Hehe...

I was sooo slim and slender back then (6 years back to be exact). Why on earth did I gain 20 kgs?!!!! WHAT DID I EAT?!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Dalam hidup aku selama 23 tahun 5 bulan ni, hanya ada beberapa orang sahaja yang aku betul-betul selesa apabila bersama mereka. Nak kata mereka betul-betul kenal aku pun, I wont say that la since aku pun tak berapa kenal siapakah aku ini yang sebenarnya? Lol

Mereka ialah, semestinya keluarga aku, cikgu kesayangan aku, dan Siti Shahira. Hahahaahha... Si puaka ni memang selalu je menghantui hidupku. Maka dengan ini, secara rasminya aku melabel diriku sebagai, selectively social or socially selective. Haha

Aku tak mudah terang-terang menjadi diri aku yang sebenar. Aku tak mudah mesra dengan orang. Aku tak berapa friendly, tapi aku juga bukan anti social. Kenapa aku close dengan cikgu aku yang satu tu? Hahaha kerana aku memang memilih. Kenapa aku close dengan si puaka Siti Shahira? Sama sebab la dengan kenapa aku pilih untuk selesa dengan Cikgu Fidz. Aku memilih orangnya. Hahahha puuuiiiii

Ada orang beranggapan, kata ganti nama diri AKU-KAU adalah kasar. Bagi aku personally, aku hampir menjadi diri aku dengan menggunakan kata ganti nama diri tersebut. Aku ni bukanlah lembut pun orangnya, sometimes I do curse tapi takdelah sampai macam zikir. I curse dengan certain people je contoh macam adik beradik, dan kawan-kawan rapat, terutamanya si puaka itu tadi.

Nonetheless, bagi aku, perbuatan asyik cursing di social networks adalah sangat TIDAK SOPAN. Especially jika kau pakai tudung lah ye. Tak payah la curse pakai perkataan BABI kerana bagiku, babi itu tidak bersalah. It might sounds cliche, tetapi memang benar. Babi takde salah apa-apa. Aku akan guna perkataan lain jika aku berasa terlalu marah dengan sesuatu. Dah meningkat usia ni, tak payahla nak dok maki-maki orang. Kataku kepada diriku sendiri.

Dan dengan mengakui bahawa kau tak curse langsung, tak menandakan yang kau ni baik hati ye? Orang macam ni, lagilah banyak psikonye. Hahaha

Ah, papejelah, itu je aku nak cakap.